RAW REVIEW: Filth R 18+

Rrr… 4.5/5

Imagine if Tyler Durden from Fight Club played a Scottish cop – I give you Filth.

filth movie poster

From the creator of Train Spotting and co-producer of Green Street Hooligans you are pleasantly presented with Filth! I am still scratching my head wondering ‘what the fuck just happened?’ Don’t take that in a bad way either. It is a very rare occasion when a movie ends and like a true filthy fiend you’re always wanting more.

You follow a coked-up/compulsive liar detective Bruce (James McAvoy) as he secures the up-coming promotion through any means necessary. True to his character the erratic hot head James McAvoy steals every scene in this movie, even the ones he is not in. The whole time you are captivated yet confused about what is happening. There is a homicide you are following, divorces arising then an owl shitting out an angry worm… WTF?

In short I loved it.

I used Fight Club as another comparison because it has that same dark twisted feel yet deep admiration for the lead characters despite their obvious issues. Filth is a funny, fucking, flick that provides you with a glimpse of the unhinge mind.


Step aside Leo… Check out these epic faces…


If I had to describe this film in 3 words: 
Pumping, Raw, Cray

Raw Review Rating: 

Watch the Trailer Here

Director: Jon S. Baird
Writers: Jon S. Baird (screenplay), Irvine Welsh (novel)
Stars: James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Eddie Marsan


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