5 Reasons why I love Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux – Why you should love him too!

“The world is a stage we walk upon. We are all in a way fictional characters who write ourselves with our beliefs.” 
― Louis Theroux, The Call of the Weird: Travels in American Subcultures

Familiarise yourself with Louis Theroux if you have not already – Louis is a BBC journalist and television presenter best known for making documentaries that investigate fascinating worlds and lifestyles. READ MORE HERE>>>

Louis Theroux Wierd Weekends

1. The accent

Yes, I am a sucker for the English accent! However I believe that because of this Louis does come across as unthreatening. For this reason he is able extract so much information with little to no hostility (See Louis Weird Weekend with a America’s most hated family).

2. Louis can handle and awkward moment or two

3. He comes from a decent gene pool

Louis is the son of Paul Theroux – Louis also had a crack at writing and is the author to a widely successful book Call of the Weird which revisits some of this most interesting cases over the last decade. Also the good looks run strong in the Theroux family – you may know his cousin Justin Theroux from Charlies Angles – Full Throttle.


4. That time he was in a porno

Yeah, so that happened! One episode Louis was investigating the American porn industry sub-culture and participated in an all male porno as an asexual park range – Unlucky for me it was an non-sex role.

5. We have grown together (physically and mentally)

Lastly, I love Louis because he has been apart of our lives for many years, entertaining and enlightening us every step of the way. Louis is in my opinion on of the last true journalist – He is a long standing reminder to look beneath the surface, educate yourself and participate in life.

All I can say is ‘hat’s off to you, Good Sir’.

I took the liberty of creating a photo gallery of the very best of Louis, Enjoy 🙂

Louise Theroux Sexy

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