14 Reasons to Start Watching House of Cards – Right Now!


House of Cards along with Orange is the New Black is another Netflix original sensation and it is just fantastic. Here are 14 reasons why you should start watching it… Right Now!

1. Kevin Spacey plays the most perfectly suited role

Frank Underwood house of cards

2. Kevin Spacey’s characters name is Frank Underwood (Initials F.U.)


3. Netflix allows you to binge watch their shows – meaning no more pain of having to wait week after week!

House of Cards Binge Watching Funny

4. Jenny from Forest Gump plays Kevin Spacey’s wife – and she is terrifyingly great!

5. It has a 9.1/10 star rating from IMDb

House of Cards Review

6. Even the President of the United States thinks its pretty great

House of Cards Barack Obama Twitter

8. Kevin Spacey actually prank called Hillary Clinton as Frank Underwood from House of Cards

Click here for the IBtimes post & audio

9. For good or bad the you admire the character Frank Underwood for his fearless business practices

10. The original quotes are profound and well articulated

House of Cards Quotes Sleep Frank Underwood

11. Which in turn makes you power hungry

12. It also teaches you how to communicate like a politician

Frank Underwood No Comment

13. Minimal sex scenes – Not that it is a bad thing to have them but it is a nice change of pace (Game of Thrones & Orange is the New Black I am looking at you!)

14. Lastly you should start watching because you are already behind and if you are not the hunter you will be hunted!

Check out the season 1 trailer for House of Cards below:

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