RAW REVIEW: 6 Days to Air – The Making of South Park

Raw Review: 6 Days to Air MA 15+

Rrr… 4.8/5


“Hold on Kyle.. This is going to be a big one!”

I have been trying to convince my mother for a decade that South Park is one of the best shows on TV. I forced her to sit down and watch this documentary and finally after all these years she gets it!

5 things I learnt while watching this documentary:

1. Trey and Matt are still big kids, they laugh at poo jokes and that is not only condoned but respected!

2. They are the ultimate power couple.

There is a scene where you are watching Trey and Matt start to develop the concept for the ‘Icentipad’ episode and the way they bounce off ideas off one another is just magical – “It’s just a magical evening” (you will get it soon!).

3. Bill Hader seems to be a permanent fixture in the South Park HQ

4. ‘The Book of Mormon‘ exists

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trey and matt south park 6 days to air

5. Trey and Matt are better than you!

Describe it in 3 words they would be:
Hilarious & eye opening

Raw Review Rating for 6 Days to Air?
For this genre it’s 4.8/5

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJBPSqgWaLo

Cast and credits
Director: Arthur Bradford
Stars: Trey Parker, Matt Stone