FUN FACT: For Finding Nemo The Entire Pixar Staff Was Required to Learn Fish Biology

I guess as some of Pixar’s animation can take up to serval years to produce there is more then enough time to send the entire team to complete a graduate-level class in fish biology.

Unlike other movies, where “underwater” is treated like “space” and characters just go wherever they want to, every movement of every fish in Finding Nemo makes physical sense.


FUCKED FACT: Charlize Theron Watched Her Mother Kill Her Father

Charlize Theron is South African by birth, and lived there her entire young life. She led a somewhat normal life into her pre-teens, but then things changed a bit. Her father was an abusive alcoholic, and her mother was the chief punching bag around the house. When Charlize was 15, her father came home especially drunk one night. A scuffle broke out and she witnessed her mother pull a gun and shoot her dad dead.


Courtesy of ratenumone